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About Us

Programmer Swag is the best place to upgrade your programmer style!

Be the coolest programmer at work!
Break the ice in meetups and work events with a cool t-shirt!
Be more noticeable with a unique t-shirt!

You put so much hard work to be a programmer, let the world know that you are one!

Make people smile every time they see your t-shirt or coffee mug!

If you are a programmer you must have a cool t-shirt or a cool coffee mug. Yes, it's a must! (you don't want to be undefined right? [huh, get it? :D])

A cool t-shirt or coffee mug won't make you rich and it won't make you poor. What it will do is upgrade your style! (over 9000)

Sooo, are you going to upgrade your programmer style or what?! 

Oh, and if you need us we are always here for you!
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