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5 Reasons Why Getting a Programmer T-Shirt is a Great Idea!

A cool programmer T-Shirt is a great way to let the world know that you are a programmer!

funny programmer T-Shirt can open so many doors for you, as a programmer and developer.

Today, Programmer Swag will give you 5 reasons why you should get a programmer t-shirt!

1. Programmer T-Shirt as an Ice Breaker

Programmer t-shirts

If you want to expand your circle of programmers colleagues and improve your networking, a programmer t-shirt is a great way to start.

When you go to meetups you will be surprised by how many people will reach to you only because you had something on your shirt that catches their eye.

 Also, if you are new at work or a shy person, a programmer t-shirt may be used as a nice conversation topic.


2. Programmer T-Shirt makes other peoples day better!

programmer t-shirts

You know that feeling when you see or hear something that just makes your day?

Think about how many smiles and laughs you will earn only by wearing a funny programmer t-shirt.

Sometimes people are stressed and all they need is to see something funny that will help them remove some of their stress and improve their day :)


3. Programmer T-Shirt as a gift

developer t-shirts

Programmer T-Shirt as a gift to your co-worker is possibly the best gift you can get him.

It's cheap and it's something that can't be forgotten.

Also, it will make the person feel your appreciation of their hard work and keep them motivated!

If someone did something nice for you at work, has a birthday, or help you with your project - just get him a cool programmer t-shirt!


4. Saves time on choosing what to wear at the morning

developer t-shirts

Everyone knows that a programmer t-shirt goes with anything!

If you want to have a t-shirt that goes with anything just choose a black one with white printing or the opposite way, a white t-shirt with black printing.


5. Programmer T-Shirt because you deserve it!

developer t-shirts

You work hard and you deserve to treat yourself with a programmer t-shirt!

Just get yourself one! $20 won't make you poor!

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