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Top 10 Programmer T-Shirts by ProgrammerSwag

Programmer t-shirts are super trendy nowadays and if you don't have one yet, you came to the right place!

How do you choose the best programmer t-shirt while there are so many out there?

ProgrammerSwag will give you the list of the top 10 programmer t-shirts so you can upgrade your programmer style today!


1. It's not a bug it's a feature programmer t-shirt

If you are a real programmer you must know what it means!

When a bug turns to be something cool and you actually keep it!


2. I need a <br/> break programmer t-shirt

Being a programmer is not an easy job and sometimes you need a break!

What a great way to combine programming with humor!


3. It works on my machine programmer t-shirt

If I had a penny for every time I have said that at work...

It works on my machine is the most commonly used phrase in our office, seriously.


4. Eat Sleep Code Repeat programmer t-shirt

Because everybody knows that programmers don't sleep.

Eat sleep code repeat but without the sleeping part ;) 


5. Trouble-Maker (;) programmer t-shirt

The number one reason why programmers lose their minds.

The amount of power a simple character has... 


6. CSS is awesome programmer t-shirt

CSS *IS* awesome.

Until weird things happen like what you see at the picture.

If you are a CSS developer you must understand what we are talking about!


7. Over Reacting - React developer t-shirt

React developer?

Over Reacting?



8. There's no place like programmer t-shirt

localhost just feels like home.

Where everything is simple, you have no worries and you feel safe and sound.

That's why there's no place like

Home sweet home. 


9. Code-blooded programmer t-shirt

Like cold-blooded but code-blooded, funny huh?

If you are a true programmer and have code running in your veins - this t-shirt describes you the best. 


10. 2B || !2B (To be or not to be) programmer t-shirt

Ahhh... To be or not to be... that's the question.

But we, the programmers, like to write things our own way, that's why this t-shirt is so cool.


So that's it for now, we hope you enjoyed this blog post and as always, we are glad to provide you with the best programmer t-shirts out there!


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