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Top 10 Funny Programming T-Shirts for 2020

Today, Programmer Swag will bring you the top 10 most funny programming t-shirts for 2020!

We posted our products on social media (facebook, instagram, pinterest) and saw what posts got the most engagement from you.

So let's begin with the first funny programming t-shirt:



It works on my machine programming tshirt

1. It works on my machine!

I think that every true programmer is saying this at least once a day :D

When you are working with customers and there is always something wrong on their machine.

But, It works perfectly on your machine!



false its funny because its true programming tshirt

2. !false - it's funny because it's true!

You know that phrase when someone says something and you say "It's funny because it's true?

Well, !false is actually true so... well, you get it :)



hip hip array programming tshirt

3. Hip Hip Array!

Hip Hip, Hooray!!!

But as a programmer with since of humor, we made a little twist to it.


git push funny programmer tshirt

4. Git push

We all know that feeling when we push something to git and hope that it goes well (never does) and not break our repository.

This funny programming t-shirt describes pretty well the feeling when you press the "Push" button.


i need a break funny programming tshirt

5. I need a break

If you know some HTML, you will get this one.

Because sometimes you need a break.



i cant fix your printer programming tshirt

6. Yes, I'm a programmer. No, I can't fix your printer

When you tell people you are a programmer and they ask you to fix their printer, pc, or whatever.

They think that if you know programming, you are not a PC repairer and can fix all their problems regarding their PC.



2b || !2b funny programming shirt

7. 2BE || !2BE

To be or not to be, that is the question.

But in the "programming" way of saying things :D



trouble maker funny programming tshirt

8. Trouble Maker

Python developers won't get it... Just kidding.

You know that annoying feeling when your code is perfect but still doesn't run?!

And after spending hours you realize you forgot a little ";"...



css is awesome funny programming tshirt

9. CSS Is Awesome

CSS *IS* Awesome. Until it starts doing weird things as you see in the image.

If you are a CSS developer you probably laughed when you saw that.



I can code without crying developer tshirt

10. I can code without crying

That's a lie. Nobody can code without crying :D


And these are the funniest programmer t-shirts that you liked!

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