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4 Things You Can Do With Programmer T-Shirts

Today, Programmer Swag will give you a list of 5 things you can do with programmer t-shirts!

1. Give it as a birthday gift

Enough with the boring birthday gifts. If you have a programmer friend and you want to make him happy on his birthday - get him something unique which he will remember like a cool programmer t-shirt.

Instead of buying people things they don't need, get them something you know they like for sure. (if they are programmers - 99% they like what they do).



2. Make a Competition

If you are a team leader or have some kind of community in social media, making competition and give it as a reward to the winner - is a great idea!

Think about something like a design competition with a cool programmer t-shirt as a reward, it sounds great and can make people happy and motivate them.

Even at work - if you want to increase the efficiency of your team - give them rewards for their hard work!

Programmer t-shirt costs only 15$ but will make them so much happy and feel like they are being appreciated. 


3. Hang it somewhere (like a poster)

If you really like programming, you can get a programmer t-shirt and hang it somewhere, like a poster or a wall image.

You'll be surprised by how cool a black t-shirt looks on white/cream wall.


4. Wear it on meetups & get attention

Getting yourself even the cheapest programmer t-shirt will make you get so much more attention at meetups.

It will increase your networking and circle of friends and might even use as a good conversation starter!


That's it for today, we hope you liked this post and as always, you are more than welcome to check our programmer t-shirt collection, and tell us what you think at the Contact us page!


Happy programming!